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Luxury Christmas Presents For Big Kid Cyclists

We’re now into December, so we think it’s safe to start uttering the word ‘Christmas’ a little louder. We’ve covered kids bikes for beneath the tree – but what about the hard working adults?
Here’s our round-up of the top Christmas gifts for big kids – these are the big hitting, well considered items that will only be delivered to those who have been very, very good this year..
If you’re the cyclist, this is the page to ‘#accidently-on-purpose’ leave open on your desktop - if you’re looking for gift – here’s a run down of some of the most coveted items on the market:

Go Pro Hero3 Black Edition Bundle -  £322.47 - save 25%

This bundle is perfect for an adventurous cyclist, who wants to capture every moment of every expeditions by bike. The Hero3 Black is smaller and lighter than previous editions, with a 12 megapixel camera which provides great quality moving images at a rate of 30 photographs per second. Built in Wi-Fi and remote means users can connect the camera to a smartphone or computer and share awesome clips without hassle. The bundle is currently on offer, with 25% off, and includes a chest strap  mount and Velcro head strap for easy recording at every angle.

Garmin Virb Elite Camera Action Bundle – £379

The Garmin VIRB is the new kid on the block in terms of sports action recording. This camera has built in Wi-Fi for connecting to a smartphone, but also incorporates other traditional Garmin features, with a high sensitivity GPS for recording elevation, distance, speed and heart rate whilst taking photos and video. This means not only can your happy rider share videos from their adventures, they can also display the speed they were travelling at, or how hard they were working. Of course, all this comes in a durable shell with waterproof exterior – because Garmin know big kids can be just as heavy handed as little ones (or more so).  The camera includes a choice of 16, 12 or 8 megapixels and a wide angle lens.

Garmin Edge 810 Ultimate Performance GPS – £440.99 – save 14%

The Edge 810 is a high performance GPS which records speed, distance, calorie burn, cadence, and displays maps, whilst also connecting to a compatible smartphone so riders can share their exploits on social media. Activities are instantly uploaded to Garmin Connect, taking messy wires out of the equation, and athlete profiles mean that different types of riding are recorded on separate accounts. Additional extras include a sunlight readable screen means that once summer does arrive, your loved one won’t be squinting, and hourly weather reports can be sent out to the Edge so coming rain showers won’t be unexpected.
Plus – we’re currently offering a free silicone case with every 810, 800 or 510 – this offer will continue whilst stocks last, so get in quick!

Garmin Edge Touring – £179.99 – save 10%

The Garmin Edge Touring works like a GPS in the car, only with maps and other features specifically designed to help cyclists find your way on a bike instead. Cycling specific maps are already preloaded on to the unit, so it’s ready to use immediately. However, it’s also possible to find and download rides other people have completed and loaded on the Garmin Connect and Garmin Adventures websites, providing some competition between friends. There are a selection of modes for road cycling and mountain biking, and the Edge Touring will calculate the most appropriate route to match the type of cycling and the bike.

Exposure Axis Single XML Front Light  - £152.96 – save 10%

The Axis XML gives the maximum light in the smallest and most compact possible package, delivering 550 lumens for 2 hours. That’s enough light to know your rider will be seen and safe, and just about enough for some excursions on unlit roads. A wireless unit is user friendly, and USB charging means this light can be plugged in whilst at work between commutes, to be sure of a well-lit ride home. The Axis incorporates Exposure’s Smart Port Technology Plus (SPT+) – this clever patented technology enables the user to connect additional rear lights, back-up power supplies, remote switches and even gives them the opportunity to charge other USB devices from the light – limiting the chance of ever running out of power on the rear, for example. On top of that, Intelligent Thermal Management (ITM) means the LEDs operate at the optimum output, saving battery so the beam is brighter for longer.

Exposure TraceR Rear Light - £44.96 – save 9%

The exposure TraceR is mega compact with a strong output which gives 75 lumens of bright light and operates on 3 different modes. The shape of this rear blinker means that it provides great visibility from the side, increasing safety and confidence with it. No batteries are needed, as this one has a USB charging port, and unlike most rear lights, a Fuel Gauge displays remaining battery life so your rider will know when to recharge.

The super present…

Garmin Vect0r Pedal Power Meter - £1349.99, or £55.77 a month

Power meters have been a big focus in cycling this year, and they’re the perfect tool for a cyclist looking to take their training and racing to the next level. The Garmin Vector pedals measure power through the pedal, meaning they can be swapped between bikes easily, and provide a reading of left/right balance and cadence in a lightweight package. A powermeter is a major purchase – we discussed then benefits in our user test here – and we do have a range of alternative forms including crank and hub base meters here.

That’s not all

These are just a few of the items cyclists will be lusting over this December and adding to their Christmas lists. We’ve got tons more ideas for every price point, from stocking fillers under £25 to the really big purchases – check out our Christmas gift ideas page here.
Of course, you want to make sure your gift is ready and wrapped on Christmas day, so we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to get your item in time.
We can take online orders up until 22nd December and still deliver in time for the big day, and you can click and collect at some stores up to the 24th December.  However- delivery dates vary by item and store – so make sure you take a look at our last order dates here

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